Clean2Touch Hotel Travel Pack!

Don't like touching surfaces in Hotel's? Now you don't have to.  Antimicrobial 'sticker': Peel off and apply to surfaces you don't want to touch: Bedside Light Switches, Toilet, Door Knobs, Faucets, etc.  Also, includes an Antimicrobial Remote Control Sleeve.  Learn More


Anti-microbial Surface Protectors

for infection Prevention Strategies

Clean2Touch products can heighten Patient Satisfaction by engaging and empowering patients in the HAI Prevention Strategy.

Clean2Touch antimicrobial agent utilizes a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic nano-technology for effectiveness.  No chemicals, or metals

Clean2Touch antimicrobial surface protectors inhibits the growth of both gram positive and gram negative organisms. 99.95% Effective within 2 hours

Clean2Touch antimicrobial surface protection supports Infection Control efforts by keeping 'high touch' points cleaner between cleanings protecting against HAI's.


Patient Satisfaction


Infection prevention