Clean2Touch Hotel Travel Pack!

Don't like touching surfaces in Hotel's? Now you don't have to.  Antimicrobial 'sticker': Peel off and apply to surfaces you don't want to touch: Bedside Light Switches, Toilet, Door Knobs, Faucets, etc.  Also, includes an Antimicrobial Remote Control Sleeve.  Learn More


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"66% of patients said they value a visible commitment to infection prevention..." Clean2Touch does this!  Blog


Antimicrobial Surface Protection infection Prevention Strategy

for infection Prevention Strategies

Clean2Touch products can heighten Patient Satisfaction by engaging and empowering patients in the HAI Prevention Strategy.

Clean2Touch antimicrobial agent utilizes a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic nano-technology for effectiveness.  No chemicals, or metals

Clean2Touch antimicrobial surface protectors inhibits the growth of both gram positive and gram negative organisms. 99.95% Effective within 2 hours

Clean2Touch antimicrobial surface protection supports Infection Control efforts by keeping 'high touch' points cleaner between cleanings protecting against HAI's.


Patient Satisfaction


Infection prevention